Job interview advice

Discover the best job interview tips with our guide

Congratulations on landing a job interview! To support you through this next stage of your job search, we have prepared this complete guide full of job interview tips.

In our guide, you’ll find all the advice you need to ensure a successful job interview – whether it’s taking place in-person, over the video, or on a phone call. From how to prepare for a job interview to how to answer job interview questions, here you can access your complete guide to success. 

What’s inside?

Part 1: Before the interview. This includes your pre-interview to-do list and the four things you need to speak to your recruiter about to get interview-ready. Advice on how to introduce yourself, answer common job interview questions, the STAR technique, and suitable questions to ask in a job interview are also shared. 

Part 2: On the day of the interview. This covers what to do on the day of your interview, including how to make the best first impression possible, build rapport with your interviewer, and what to do if your mind goes blank. 

Part 3: After your interview – what’s next? Once your interview is over, there are several dos and don’ts to follow while you wait to hear back from your interviewer or recruiter. In this section, we explore your next steps, such as how to follow up, signs your interview went well, what to do if your interview didn’t go as planned and how to prepare if you’ve been invited back for a second interview


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